Gary & Dorothee Stevens

The ministry of Lion of Judah Ministries International was founded in 2007 by Gary and Dorothée Stevens. Rev. Gary Stevens is Australian and has lived since his marriage in 2000, with his German wife Dorothée in the city of Münster /Westphalia.

Dorothee photo.JPGRev. Gary Stevens had his salvation experience in 1989 in the midst of a serious life crisis. Very soon after his conversion, he developed a deep desire to serve God in full-time ministry. He has completed several Bible study courses, attended conferences and seminars. For many years Gary served in the areas of Evangelism, Pastoral care, House group work, Preaching and Teaching, Training and Leading teams on international outreaches. In 2000 he was ordained as a Minister of the gospel. God uses him frequently to lead people to Jesus. He also loves to teach Christians the Word of God, and in a simple way how to practice their faith and to live and serve under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. During his ministry experience, Gary has often been able to experience how God worked miracles, supernatural healings and how God set people free in their lives. It is a major desire of Gary, that all Christians come to know their authority and heritage, and to help them come into their god given gifts and callings and to minister and live in the supernatural - naturally  and  demonstrate the reality of God in power. His desire is to see Christians become mature “sons and daughters of God” flowing in their gifts and taking their place in the plan of God and society.


Rev. Dorothée Stevens works as a staff nurse in a University hospital. She grew up in a Christian family, was co-leader of an evangelical youth group and sang since her childhood, over many years in a choir. In 1991 she was saved through a street evangelistic team. Since then she served in multiple areas such as Worship leading, national and international Evangelism, House group work, Organization of events and much more within a Pentecostal church. During these years she participated in many conferences, seminars and evangelistic outreaches. Since early 2007, she serves, together with her husband in “Löwe von Judah Ministries International”, and in 2009 she was ordained as a minister of the gospel. She loves to lead people to Jesus, to bring people close to the love of God and to serve and encourage them.  It is her desire along with Gary, to train and equip believers in their God given gifts, to bring them into their inheritance and God given "calling" and to release them to serve God. It is also her desire for Germany to experience a fresh move of God throughout the land and for Christians to come into their inheritance in Christ.