Lion of Judah Ministries International (LOJMI)

Brisbane, Australia 2019


Training, Equipping & Building the Believers for the work of the Ministry.

Rev. Gary Stevens (LOJMI - Germany)


Dates: October 29/30/31 & November 05/06/07.


Time: 7pm-9pm (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)


Rev. Gary Stevens will be in Brisbane, Australia introducing Lion of Judah Ministries International which is based in Germany and now also in Australia.


With over 30 years of experience as a Christian and as a “Believer” he will be introducing and teaching from the “Training, Equipping & Building” ministry of “LION OF JUDAH ON LINE” which is designed to raise up a “New Generation of Believers” throughout the world via the Internet and social media.


Through “LION OF JUDAH ON LINE” (LOJOL) the believers will be trained, equipped, encouraged in their gifts and callings and shown how to know their God-given authority and how to exercise it. A generation of sons and daughters of God that can hear and receive from God themselves and who will live in intimacy with God and live authentic Christianity, living in the supernatural - naturally and ready to do the will of God


Host Pastor:   Pastor Stephen Lucas (LOJMI - Australia)

Contact Mobile:   +61 (0)412 381 472 (Australia)

Meeting Address: Unit 1/95

Coventry Street

Hawthorne Q 4171