„To the Heartbeat of God“

Matthew 18:19; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

We want to create place where people can come into God's presence without any distraction in order to meet Him, to listen to Him and to receive from Him. This ministry will be praying for this city and nation and also for the things that God has on His heart. We meet regularly about once a week for prayer and anyone who wants to participate in this ministry is welcome and invited to attend.

During our Men’s Meeting - "Ganz Mann" (the first Saturday of each month), we also hold a prayer meeting in an adjacent room to pray for the men. Anyone who would like to participate in this ministry is also welcome and invited to do so.

We are also looking for people that would like to become prayer partners and part of the "Prayer Ministry" in Lion of Judah Ministries International, and who would have it on their heart to support this ministry with prayer and intercession. If you would like to do so please contact us personally. We would then contact you with the e-mails and prayer requests.

Without Seed no Harvest, without Prayer no Results!"


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