The Vision of Lion of Judah Ministries International

We believe that God wants to bring forward a new generation of believers. God is moving forward and we are fully convinced that it is on God`s heart to engage the ordinary believer, in which the spirit of God lives, in a much greater way. God wants his sons and daughters to be able to hear and receive from Him and then to minister to others, so that His power can flow through them to do signs, miracles and wonders

  • To train, equip and set free a new generation of believers who are grounded in God and His Word
  • Christians will come to know their authority and inheritance in Christ Jesus and learn to operate in it
  • Important biblical principles are taught which will help in daily living
  • People are challenged to do missionary work
  • To develop believers to be able to live and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, to live in the Supernatural – Naturally
  • Signs, miracles and healings are experienced
  • Believers are led into a deep love relationship with Jesus
  • To encourage believers to live a lifestyle of worship, devotion and intimacy with God, and in the expectancy of the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • To have an Open place for the development and use of all spiritual gifts
  • To live "Authentic Supernatural Christianity" and to experience God`s presence, love and power
  • To create a place where God is given unlimited room to manifest and work as He wishes

The “Lion of Judah Center” serves in the spreading of the full gospel both nationally as well
as internationally. It is our endeavour to use all available forms of media to fulfil this goal.

In this ministry we welcome God to work as He wishes and place no limitations on Him.

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